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To create the best footwear, we work closely with craftsmen, suppliers and factories around the globe.


The vision that started it all? Our desire to bring high quality, fashionable footwear to our customers (and people around the world). Considered product development and frequent sampling allows us to get our range and fit just right, and all our leather is 100% natural.

Pictured above (left to right): Ou Yan Xiang Jian, Shane Anselmi, He Guang Ying, Yu Cheng Shan, Zhang Chao Hui and Wang Hui Qing

The people

We visit our suppliers and factories regularly, communicating with them almost every day. From the family workshops and factories of Europe to our Chinese manufacturers, all share a skill and passion for footwear.

Italian design and craftsmanship are renowned worldwide. Perfected by generations of shoemakers, their footwear communicates timeless style and quality. In fact, it's our own Italian heritage that sees us return there every season. We head to places like Montecatini and Verona, where each pair is handcrafted from premium leather, using the expertise that makes Italy famous. The skill and legacy of Italian craftsmen informs much of our premium men’s footwear, with special details like Vibram soles providing quality and longevity.

For soft, comfortable sandals we turn to a select few family owned factories in Brazil and Turkey, recognised for their outstanding quality, workmanship and supple leather. Spanish shoemakers are renowned for their women’s boots and men’s shoes, and it’s from Spain that we source the Goodyear-welted footwear for our men’s range.

Portugal is where we source handcrafted boots and much of our men’s range. A country with a long footwear legacy, they’re celebrated for their craftsmanship and detail; their skilled artisans use carefully honed techniques and the best materials (like top-notch European leather). We work closely with people like José, the man behind our Arturo range (who probably wouldn’t be making footwear if he wasn’t expelled from the Seminary for playing soccer) and Salome, who as a female factory owner is a rarity in Portugal’s footwear industry.

We travel to China several times a year. We not only source materials and trims, we visit our trusted manufacturers, and our own factory in Dongguan where we work closely with people like Lesley and Yilia who help us create a lot of our range. Unlike the common public misconception, the technology and skill found in China is often the best in the world. Alongside the breadth of scale China provides, we rely on the skill, pace and precision of the country’s manufacturers and shoemakers to create a lot of our footwear. With constant improvement at the heart of Chinese ideology, alongside a growing awareness of wellbeing and safety, the Chinese government has introduced very stringent labour laws over the last 10 years, and the factories we work with all have social charters in place or are working towards them. We review our machinery and working conditions, and upskill our people on a regular basis, working with consultants to identify “best practice” so we can work towards this.


The process

Although we’re constantly seeking technological advancements like laser-cutting (which allows us to cut patterns and details with speed and precision) in many ways the art of shoemaking remains unchanged. It still requires countless steps performed by hand. A single shoe can feature at least 15 components that are assembled through 50 different processes.

Leather is still our material of choice, due to its durability, breathability and unique quality – no two hides are ever the same. Plus nothing moulds to your foot quite like leather. We work closely with our suppliers to source the best leather, and every hide we use is inspected by hand. Unlike other brands, you won’t find any fillers, surface layers or plastic coatings on our leathers.

Pictured above (left to right): Li Xue Wen & Weng Quan Jin

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