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8 friends, 16 pairs of shoes, 20,000km.

Eight Kiwi friends in two small Ford Fiestas, with 87 different visas between them, driving halfway across the globe from England to Siberia and back again. Sounds crazy, but it’s for a bloody good cause.

The reason for this chaotic traverse? The famous Mongol Rally, a transcontinental race that crosses some of the most inhospitable terrain on earth. Travelling 20,000 kilometres in two old cars sounds like a bad idea – which is precisely why the eight blokes who call themselves The Coddiwomples seized the challenge.

Through the rally, they’re are hoping to raise over $20,000, of which 100% will be donated to the Graeme Dingle Foundation, a charity that runs programmes for New Zealand children that build self-esteem, promote good values, and provide vital life skills.

We’ve put shoes on The Coddiwomples feet, arming them with the resilience of leather and craftsmanship for footwear that should last longer than their cars. We’ll also be checking in with them throughout the trip (how’s the WiFi coverage in Tajikistan?) So join us to follow their journey LIVE right here!