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Why did you change your name from Overland to Merchant 1948?

"I know enough about building a brand to know that all the touchpoints needed to align in a new market. From the look and feel of the store, to the quality of the product, to the warmth and expertise of the people. Great marketing is vital to reinforce all this and (very importantly) the name had to...

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Do you have any stores in Australia?

Yes! We have 4 stores across Melbourne, Australia. Our Merchant 1948 stores bring you the same quality product and service you know and love from Merchant 1948 in New Zealand. Planning a visit? Find out more about our store locations here....

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I'm expecting an email from you and it hasn't arrived!

We are currently experiencing an issue with our emails, and are working to fix this exponentially. During this time, you may not receive any emails from us about your account or recent order(s).   When contacting our customer service team, please be aware that there may be a delay in...

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