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How To Use Beeswax Dressing

How To Use Leather Conditioner


Our People, Their Stories - Perri & Tory

Our People, Their Stories - Suki & Tabbie

Our People, Their Stories - Tash & Kenny

Our People, Their Stories - Shelley & Waylon

Our People, Their Stories - Marcel & Astrid

Our People, Their Stories - Alex & Arna

Deuce Construction

Sneakers are simple right? But making them isn’t. We’ve been working on our sneaker manufacturing for years now, so we wanted we’d share our process with you! Our Deuce go through countless steps (and pairs of hands) before our vision is realised – stitching, foxing, vulcanisation and more.

Our People, their stories - Clare & Leigh

They both value the balance their relationship gives them “Clare's quite grounding for me; she's even more spiritual, and more calm. I'm the super energetic one. Our relationship has definitely helped me chill out… I’m not so hectic anymore, I still can be that person, but it's nice to consider someone else.”

Our People, their stories - Adam & Daniel

They didn’t talk for the first few weeks they worked together, but that soon changed; good things take time but sometimes the best things don’t. “It's been a very short but fast friendship.”

Our people, their stories - Laura and Tai

Inseparable since they met and still together constantly, Tai admits it couldn’t have worked out better. “It sounds cheesy, but our relationship is just so smooth.”

Our people, their stories - Steven & Todd

Sometimes to thrive, we need another pair of hands. Steven felt rudderless until fate stepped in. “Before meeting Todd, I was a little bit lost in the world; I’ve changed creatively and everyday I’m evolving more and more.” *$30 off orders over $200 enter code: RUDOLPH30​

Our people, their stories - Chelsea and Olivia

“It's hard to be our own selves sometimes.” Understandably, Chelsea has been close to her twin sister since birth “I don't know how people cope going through life without someone who's so close to them.”

Our people, their stories - Crystal & Tony

“I don’t like surprises” concedes Tony, but he’s good at them – impeccably planned holidays are his specialty, much to Crystal’s delight. “Tony is a perfectionist, a real perfectionist; from his work to ironing his t-shirts, everything has to be perfect!” Our people, their stories

Our People, Their Stories

AW16: The Discovery

AW16: The Journey

Behind the scenes SS 14/15

SS15/16 Campaign Video

Matt-lewis Hewitt Northlands Visit

Young Hearts Project

Matt Hewitt's visit to Manurewa Intermediate School

Deuce 2014 - Year in Review: Matt Hewitt

Overland AW14

Overland Footwear AW14 Behind the Scenes

Overland AW14 Ad Campaign

Spring/Summer 2013 Ad Campaign - Day 2

Behind the Scenes with Merchant

Spring/Summer 2013 Ad Campaign - Day 1

Behind the Scenes with Merchant

Spring/Summer 2013 Ad Campaign - Day 3

Behind the Scenes with Merchant

MERCHANT Summer 2013

Overland Presents Merchant 1948

Overland/Merchant Summer 2013

Overland Summer 2013

Overland Winter Campaign Video 2013

Summer Campaign Video 2012

Overland W12 Campaign

Ultimate Waterman

Filmed and edited by Demi-Jade Hewitt

Young Hearts Project in action!

More than just surfing.... Matt Hewitt for Deuce