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What’s the story behind Arturo? It’s one of priesthood, football and footwear

We’ve been in the footwear business since 1948, and still travel the world seeking out the best; it was over a long meal in Portugal that we discovered the fortuitous origins of our Arturo footwear range

Although he now owns a world-class footwear factory, Jose divulged that as a young man training for the priesthood, he’d sneak out to play for his local football side. A broken arm led to him being kicked out of the seminary.

His expulsion led to a new calling, one he was equally competitive about - footwear. It was this auspicious event, combined with his passion and competitive spirit, that led him to produce some of the finest men’s footwear in Portugal. José creates the premium leather footwear in our Arturo range that (and he still plays football now and then too)