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A note from Shane


Hi Everyone,

It’s early March as I write this, and the weather outside is gorgeous and hot! Yet again it seems like the seasons are all backward; this creates a challenge for those of us in the fashion business because right now our stores are filling up with fantastic winter product but people are at the beach!

Funny, it was only three weeks ago that we were in New York City looking at the stores for inspiration for next summer, and we got caught in a snow storm! We enjoy these trips but at times there are hiccups. After New York, Louise and our team were due to split up over the next couple of days and head to Milan and London, while Jordan (our menswear buyer) and I were due to fly to Montreal in Canada that evening to meet a supplier. But there was one big problem - our flights were cancelled!

What to do? We couldn’t miss this vital meeting. There was only one solution if we were to make it, so I decided we would drive the seven hours to Montreal. I soon realised this was easier said than done as I began searching for a rental car. Although New York is one of the biggest cities in the world, it seemed every traveller that day had the same idea and there were no cars left in Manhattan.

Determined not to be beaten, we went hunting in New Jersey and finally found a car, which. After a long drive that lasted late into the night, we finally made our meeting the following morning.

The reason I’m sharing this story with you is to demonstrate the challenges we often go through each season so we can bring you a fresh, exciting new range. We love what we do, but sometimes it’s hard. Still, after spending a lifetime in the industry, I know every business has its hurdles. That’s the nature of life; each and every one of us has obstacles we face on a daily basis – difficult things to do and go through.

With the multiple time zones and lack of sleep required to complete a buying trip, I know I could never do it by myself; I wouldn’t have the energy and I certainly can’t be in three places at once (although I certainly try). What makes a difference is that I’m surrounded by a dedicated team of resilient individuals who work hard, who embrace the tough stuff with a smile, and keep Lou, myself and each other motivated. It’s great to share ideas and experiences, and to get their feedback and ideas.

Which brings me to our theme this season; our spring campaign was such a resounding success that when it came to discuss our autumn campaign I knew we had to continue the magic… So this season we’re sharing more of our people and their stories with you!

Our campaign is a tribute to the importance that special people have in our lives; it’s driven by our company purpose “Together we inspire and create” and celebrates teamwork and relationships of all kinds by featuring both members of our amazing store teams and people who simply just love our shoes.

It was even shot by our two in house photographers, who truly embody what it means to inspire and create together.

I hope you love it as much as we do.

Shane Anselmi, Managing Director

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